Home Birth

We have been providing home birth services in the Santa Barbara community since 1978.

Research has shown that for a normal healthy pregnancy home birth is as safe as hospital birth, with less intervention.

As licensed and skilled midwives we are trained to watch for the normal and if events during pregnancy, birth and postpartum fall out of those parameters we transfer care to our local medical community.

Home Birth offers a woman and her family the opportunity to experience birth as women have known forever.

Birthing in a familiar environment, with familiar people, allows the birthing mother to relax and trust in the work of labor without needing to protect herself: she is protected. Under those conditions the birth process can unfold in its own fashion, without restrictions of time or the constraints of institutional rules.

Every woman births in her own way, every labor is a unique journey.

As midwives we acknowledge the process, holding the safety and well being of the mother and baby, watching, waiting and offering the support and professional experience the woman and her family need.

We carry and are trained to use the necessary equipment to manage the unforeseen complications that can arrive during or after labor and birth: neonatal resuscitation, Intravenous fluids and medications for maternal bleeding. If we need auxiliary medical support we transfer to our friendly local hospital for ongoing medical attention.

Having the opportunity to be born in a calm, safe, loving environment is a unique experience in our culture.

Once the baby is born and stable he/she stays in the mother’s arms for as long as possible, taking the time to adjust to this new world and get to know the family.

We stay with the family for a minimum of two hours after birth, perform a newborn exam, support breast feeding, and ensure both mother and baby are stable before we leave.

Our midwifery support during the postpartum time is comprehensive:

We are available 24/7 for phone calls and concerns; we return to the home within 24-36 hours after birth for maternal and newborn evaluation and breast feeding support, a second visit 2-3 days after birth and then again as needed by the mother and/baby.

Our final postpartum visit, at 6-8 weeks postpartum is at the office and includes well-woman care.


Water is a wonderful tool for working with the intensity of labor. We have water birth tubs available for use.